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50% of businesses in the tourist sector are informal

50% of businesses in the tourist sector are informal
Around half of businesses that operate in the tourist sector in Albania, such as hotels, restaurants, etc, seem to be operating in informal conditions.

Such fact has been announced by the vice general Director of the Tax Office, Xhavit Curri, according to whom, tourism has been considered by tax authorities as a high risk sector.

“The risk in the sector of tourism is high. In terms of percentage, we say that 50% of taxpayers pose a high risk. This shows that taxpayers that exert their activity in tourist areas work in a high level of informality”, he said.

Meanwhile, the senior tax official says that the tax administration will conduct audits in businesses that operate in the sector of tourism.

“We have selected the category of taxpayers that will be audited. On the other hand, we have also selected that category of taxpayers whose paperwork will be inspected. In the end, we will inspect all those businesses that do not issue VAT receipts and do not declare their workers”, the tax official said. /

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