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6.5 million euros to support Albanian farms and agribusiness

6.5 million euros to support Albanian farms and agribusiness
Farmers and agribusinesses that produce, accumulate or process products that relate to fruits and nut trees along with medicinal plants, will be able to benefit grants for investments, by applying until the end of May as part of the project funded by the German and Dutch governments, which aims at supporting agriculture and rural development in Albania. The project’s name is SARED.

So far, 70 farmers and agribusinesses have applied, but the head of this project, Ole Henriksen explains that the experience of the first three phases of the project has showed that the number of applications is really high in the last two weeks.

“As far as investments in farms are concerned, we cover 65% of the cost of investments, which varies from 2 thousand to 25 thousand euros. As far as agribusinesses are concerned, for investments from 5 thousand to 70 thousand euros, we offer 50% of the cost in the form of a grant. If the business is managed by a woman or a young person, we offer 10% more, or 60% of the cost of investment”, Ole Henriksen explains. /

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