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“Corruption in FYROM is thriving”

“Corruption in FYROM is thriving”
Corruption is present everywhere, but situation in FYROM is alarming. This concern has been expressed by the US deputy ambassador to Skopje, Michaela Schweitzer-Bluhm.

She added that the state must take swift steps in the fight against corruption. According to her, this is the reason why many youngsters abandon the country.

“Fight against corruption requires the engagement of all the members of society. I praise your efforts to keep corruption away from you and your institutions. I encourage you to take concrete steps in supporting the law on informers in universities, in order to motivate professors, staff and students to report cases of corruption”, said Michaela Schwetzer-Bluhm, deputy US ambassador, who participated in the signing of the joint declaration of the universities of the country under the motto “Universities without corruption”, to prevent corruption in universities. /

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