Further expansion for the Aegean Airlines in 2018

Further expansion for the Aegean Airlines in 2018
Eftichios Vassilakis, the vice-chairman of Aegean Airlines, announced that 2018 will bring 18 new flights, 11 new destinations and the addition of 700.000 available seats, marking another expansion in the recent years. As he mentioned, it is an unprecedented phenomenon the connection of Athens with such a number of main tourist markets.

Also, he said that the company’s management is considering ordering 45-60 new aircrafts to strengthen its strategic movements and he replied regarding the possibility of adding a strategic investor. He said “The company will always be in search of new opportunities…there is nothing immediate…but…if we find something…we cannot achieve ourselves, then we will consider it very seriously”.

The new destinations of Aegean Airlines will be:

1. Turin, Palermo, Lamezia Terme, Bolonia (Italy), Malaga (Spain), Basel (Switzerland), Zagreb, Zadar (Croatia), Vilnius (Lithuania), Cluj Napoca (Romania), Skopje (FYROM); all destinations will be connected with Athens.

2. Regional flights: Corfu-Moscow, Santorini-Tel Aviv, Mykonos-Tel Aviv, Mykonos-Beirut, Rhodes-Lyon, Rhodes-Beirut, Heraklion-Beirut.../IBNA

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