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Serb List is planning to leave the government of Kosovo

Serb List is planning to leave the government of Kosovo
Pristina, 10 October 2016/Independent Balkan News Agency

By Elton Tota

Serb ministers in the government of Kosovo, Lubomir Maric, Dalibor Jevtic and Branimir Stojanovic may leave the government of Kosovo, due to the approval of the bill on the Trepca mine.

The ministers announced this in a press conference on Saturday in Belgrade. Present in the press conference was also the head of the Kosovo Office in the Serb government, Marko Djuric. Djuric said that on Monday, Serbia will request an urgent meeting of the UN Security Council for “theft of Serb assets and for violation of Resolution 1244 of the UNO, which acts as the basis for peace and stability in the region”.

Minister for the Administration of Local Government in the government of Kosovo, Lubomir Maric, said that consultations are taking place inside the Serb List in relation to the continuation or not of the presence of the Serb representatives in the Serb government.

“It is a fact that nothing from the coalition agreement has been delivered, apart from several appointments of officials. This is a big problem”, Maric said.

authorities in Pristina say that they haven’t received “any official note from the government coalition partners of the Serb List for their decision to freeze their participation in the institutions of the country”.

Deputy minister of Local Government in the government of Kosovo, Bajram Gecaj, says that “there are no clear indications about the steps of the Serb List”, announced during the weekend by local media.

On Friday midnight, parliament in Kosovo voted the bill on the Trepca mine. MPs said that the economic giant will recover and will be back on the market.

This voting led to objections by the Serb List, which left the proceedings.

According to this bill, the government of Kosovo holds 80% of the shares of the mine. The government of Kosovo and Trepca’s administrator, Kosovo’s Agency for Privatization, said that the plant is Kosovo’s asset, declaring that Belgrade is aware that it has no part in it.

Meanwhile, authorities in Belgrade said that it requests for this issue and other issues concerning other companies to be included in the Brussels’ talks. /

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