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Teachers in Albania will benefit a 10% pay rise

Teachers in Albania will benefit a 10% pay rise
Tirana, 18 October 2016/Independent Balkan News Agency

In Albania, the left wing government announced its plan for the increase of monthly salaries for teachers in public schools by 10%.

Prime Minister Rama said that “34630 teachers will benefit an average of 10% pay rise in the next year’s budget”. He said that this is done “to take an important step forward, toward the objective that police, teachers, doctors and nurses in Albania should have the best salaries in the Balkans”.

Minister of Education, Lindita Nikolla says that all university professors also benefit from this increase.

The annual effect on the state’s budget of this pay rise is 18 million USD. Salaries for teachers had not seen an increase for four years, meanwhile salaries for professors had not seen an increase since 2005. /

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