Bucharest enveloped in... poetry

Bucharest enveloped in... poetry
Verses, poems, poets and a literary atmosphere. This is just a hint of how being in Bucharest will be between 14 and 20 May.

Why? Well, thanks to and because of the Bucharest International Poetry Festival where more than 150 poets from over 30 countries will participate.

In the ninth edition of the event, which includes "public poetry readings, roundtables, debates, performances, jazz recitals, book launches and conferences" and "a special programme named Poetry Face to Face, dedicated to high schools students", as romania-insider.com reads, people will be able "to attend several events organized in cultural spaces across the capital. Among them are the National Museum of the Romanian Literature, the Tudor Arghezi Memorial House, Palatul Universul, and the Cărturești and Humanitas bookstores."

The Portuguese, internationally awarded writer and named contender for the Nobel Prize in Literature, António Lobo Antunes will be a guest at the poetry event.... / IBNA

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