Commerce between Kosovo and EU toward full liberalization

Commerce between Kosovo and EU toward full liberalization
Since signing the Stabilization and Association Agreement, Kosovo has relieved from customs charges 1044 out of 2564 agricultural products coming from the EU .

This is stated by the report published by the ministry of Trade and Industry dubbed “Effects of the Association and Stabilization Agreement Kosovo-EU: Impact on Trade”, which states that 14 products have been nonnegotiable and have not been included in the agreement, which means that they will be subject to a 10% charge, mainly including dairy products, potatoes, wine, etc.

SAA has been enacted on 1 April 2016, to mark a contractual level of economic and political relations with the EU.

SAA is an international agreement which has been entered between Kosovo and the European Union and its scope is to establish contractual relations between the two sides in order for Kosovo to become a member of the European Union. /

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