EU deported 42.600 Albanian asylum seekers in 2016

EU deported 42.600 Albanian asylum seekers in 2016
The number of Albanian asylum seekers who have been deported to their home country last year was 42.600. This is the figure that was recently published by the European Institute of Statistics (EUROSTAT) in relation to the process of the deportation of asylum seekers from its territory.

“As in 2015, Albanians (42,600) topped the list of non-EU citizens returned in 2016, ahead of citizens of Ukraine (22 600), Iraq (17 100), Kosovo (13 000), Serbia (12 200) and Morocco (9 900)”, the Eurostat report says

Meanwhile, the last report of the European Office for Asylum published a few weeks ago, stated that Albania was among the ten countries with the highest number of asylum requests toward the EU.

According to this report, for last year, 32.855 Albanian nationals applied for asylum in the EU member countries, occupying 3% of the total of requests and being among countries of the world known for being in conflict, such as Syria, Afghanistan and Iraq. /

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