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Georgievski: Pro Serbian ideas and installations are putting the country in danger

Georgievski: Pro Serbian ideas and installations are putting the country in danger

The chairman of the Macedonian opposition party People’s VMRO and former prime minister Lubco Georgievski, one of the main actors of the political life in Skopje, speaks in an interview for Independent Balkan News Agency about the presidential elections and the proposals for the consensual candidate, the idea to join diplomatic centers between FYR Macedonia and Serbia, the monument of Tsar Dushan, the desecration of the commemoration plaque of Bulgarian patriot Mara Buneva, etc.

Interviewed by Naser Pajaziti

IBNA: We’re ahead of the presidential elections. One of the ideas which has been launched is that for a consensual president, who will have the support of the largest ethnic communities in the country. How do you consider this incentive?

Georgievsi: If we look into the demographic changes and reality in Macedonia, then we realize that we must resolve many issues in a consensual way. Therefore, the idea for a consensual president is not a forbidden topic which must not be discussed. What must be a priority for us is the personality of the candidate.

IBNA: One of the current proposals consists on joining the embassies of Macedonia and Serbia with the aim of reducing expenses. What’s your opinion over the idea to join embassies with Serbia?

Georgievski: Here at People’s VMRO we’re against such idea for several reasons: First, we’re against it in principle, because initially, Serbia was against Macedonian diplomacy. Secondly, this would trigger a debate with all Balkan states. Thirdly and most importantly, this would encourage other cross ethnic problems in Macedonia. If such thing happens, then let us take an example. If we have a particular country, the ambassador of which is Serb, then he will by default lobby against the recognition of Kosovo as a state. Then this means that we take our stance as the state of Macedonia.

IBNA: The issue of monuments continues to be problematic. We have Tsar Dushan monument which is being protected by a large number of police forces and recently, we had the case of the desecration of the commemoration plaque of a Bulgarian heroine, Mara Buneva. How do you explain these facts?

Georgievski: As far as the placement of the monument of Tsar Dushan is concerned, we have been clear in our evaluation, along with history, that he was a relentless ruler against non Serb population inhabiting these territories. Here we’re dealing with mastermind of the idea of Great Serbia. To place such monument in the central square of Skopje means a stately suicide. Therefore, to be against Mara Buneva means to defend a Serb chauvinist prosecutor of that time, Velimir Prelic. This means that here we don’t have to deal with the Macedonian identity. Therefore, those who are against, do not have the adequate knowledge of Macedonian history and been consciously been made available to defend the Great Serbia cause. Thus, it’s clear that several quasi Macedonian patriots are ready to defend Tsar Dushan and overthrow Mara Buneva. It’s clear to me that they also come from structures of the Pan Macedonian World Congress, which are a direct contingent of chetniks in Macedonia. /ibna/

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