Huda-Par head: 'PYD/PKK/YPG are U.S. soldiers trained by them'

Huda-Par head: 'PYD/PKK/YPG are U.S. soldiers trained by them'

During the provincial congress of Turkey's Free Cause Party (Huda-Par) that was held on Monday, in the northwestern province of Bursa, the party's head, Zekeriya Yapicioglu called the PKK/YPG militias in Syria's northern Afrin region 'the soldiers and land force of the United States'.

"Indeed, Turkey does not fight against the PKK and YPG there (Afrin). Because they are a land force of the U.S., the soldiers of the U.S. We wish there was no need for the Afrin operation. We wish the situation had not come to this point. Why did the Afrin operation start? (Because) the so-called friend and ally the United States said, 'I will build a 30,000-strong border force'. What kind of friendship and alliance is that? (...) They (PYD/PKK/YPG terrorists) are soldiers of the U.S.", was Yapicioglu comment.

Huda-Par's leader added, according to Anadolu, "Yes, the U.S. trained them, gave them weapons and directions, showed a target, said 'Go and hit (it)', and they obeyed and shot."

According to Yapicioglu the side to be blamed and responsible for what is happening now in northern Syria is the U.S., noting that the bilateral ties have deteriorated yet again due to the American decision regarding the "border force".../IBNA

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