Major trafficking ring uncovered by Romanian and German police

Major trafficking ring uncovered by Romanian and German police
In a joint operation on Wednesday, the police of Romanian and Germany and organised crime prosecutors raided numerous locations in both countries, in order to smash "a refugee trafficking network whose hub was in Timisoara, western Romania", Balkan Insight reads.

According to descriptions and verbal "depictions", Timisoara, "a refugee trafficking hub during the past year" is filled with undocumented refugees and migrants who find a roof over their heads in apartments and hotels, probably rented out for them by the traffickers.

The article reports that "the number of refugees from Syria, Iran, Afghanistan and other Central Asian countries has increased exponentially there since Hungary tightened its border with Serbia."

According to those in charge of the jointly organised operation, traffickers were bringing refugees to Germany "from camps in Turkey through Bulgaria, Serbia, Romania, Hungary and Austria, transporting 45 such groups in 2017.".../IBNA

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