New international routes for Romanian Tarom

New international routes for Romanian Tarom
Romania's state-owned airline Tarom plans to expand the itineraries it covers by introducing new international routes in the coming months.

The company will launch direct flights to Odesa (Ukraine), Tbilisi (Georgia), Baku (Azerbaijan) and Erevan (Armenia) until fall, said Tarom general manager Werner Wolff in an interview with local

Tarom's plans also include renewing its presently 25-plane fleet with 5 more aircraft this year and negotiations might also prove fruitful for 9 to 13 others in 2019.

Romania Insider reported that the state-owned airliner, "plans to replace the nine ATR planes it uses on internal routes. The company also wants to hire more pilots and plans to open a flight academy. .... /IBNA


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